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What is the effect of high temperature in summer on the sand making machine?

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 The high temperature environment has a influence on the sand making machine equipment, especially the sand making machine equipment operating in the open air high temperature environment. Do a good job in the protection and maintenance of sand making machine equipment in high temperature environment.

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1. Due to the influence of the increase of temperature on the smoothness of the sand making machine equipment, the viscosity of the lubricating oil decreases, the lubricity decreases, and the power decreases, and the internal parts are also easily worn. The research shows that the long-term operation of sand making equipment at high temperature will lead to poor of the lubrication system, easy deterioration of oil, easy wear and tear of various transmission systems such as the chassis, and at the same time, the exterior paint layer, braking system, clutch, throttle control system and metal. structure affects. Therefore, the sand making machine is not suitable for long-term operation in a high temperature environment.

2. The effect of high temperature on the engine is mainly manifested in the rapid temperature rise of the engine, and the high external temperature will simply cause the engine to "boil the pot", which will reduce the viscosity of the oil, resulting in mechanical failures such as cylinder pulling and tile burning, and at the same time reducing the The output power of the engine is increased; the continuous high temperature has strict requirements on the permeability of the radiator, which requires the continuous high-load operation of the cooling system, which reduces the life of the cooling system fans, generators and other components. The fan is used very frequently, and it is easy to cause its failure.

3. The influence of some human factors will also increase the harm of high temperature climate to sand making equipment. For example, some sand making machine companies think that the temperature is high in summer, and add water to the engine coolant instead of antifreeze.

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