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Control of Shape and Quality of Particles Crushed by Cone Crusher

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 When the material passes through the crushing chamber of the cone crusher, the particle size becomes more uniform after the screening or particle size separation process; after entering the crushing chamber, the material is squeezed and crushed, and needle-like particles begin to appear. The material particles are crushed by extrusion, and the needle-shaped particles increase rapidly; when the extrusion and crushing events are further increased, some material particles, including the needle-shaped particles, begin to be squeezed twice or more.

In the second half of the crushing process, the needle rate of the material in the crushing cavity decreases. During the working process of the cone crusher, the frequency of extruding and crushing the material increases, which is beneficial to reduce the needle-shaped particles in the crushed product. Therefore, the increase of the spindle speed can improve the granular quality of the crushed product to a certain extent.

Taking measures such as increasing the spindle speed, improving the structural parameters of the cone crusher and increasing the probability of crushing events in the crushing chamber (the number of repeated crushing of materials) is the way to improve the shape of the crushed products.

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