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Cause Analysis of Seal Failure of Cone Crusher

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 Since dust will be generated during the working process of the cone crusher, it is generally necessary to be equipped with a corresponding sealing device, but the phenomenon of sealing failure will occur in production. The reasons for the failure of the seal are as follows: the seal is damaged and the seal is severely worn. If the gap between the parts of the cone crusher becomes smaller, the seals will be squeezed and deformed and will be severely worn; or when replacing some worn parts, due to the inconsistent replacement cycle of the seals and the wear cycle of the friction parts, the degree of newness of the two will be different. Differently, the sealing extrusion force of the rubber sealing ring is increased, and the local deformation and lifting cause the damage of the sealing element.

cone crusher
The aging of the seal of the cone crusher will cause the seal to fail. In use, the rubber seal is affected by the factors of oil quality, temperature and time. In addition, the material of the sealing ring is improperly selected, which is prone to aging, which causes the body of the sealing ring to lose elasticity and change the sealing state, which leads to the failure of the equipment sealing. The seal is deformed and deformed by force.
When the crushing wall and the rolling mortar wall of the cone crusher crush the ore, the strong crushing force causes the body to tilt or vibrate, and the seal is easy to deviate from the original movement trajectory and deform, which changes the original sealing state and causes the equipment seal to fail.
Improper installation of cone crusher will cause seal failure. During the installation, maintenance and replacement of the seals of the cone crusher, due to incorrect installation, the seals are partially deformed, resulting in the failure of the equipment seal. Poor lubrication. The friction parts are easy to be mixed with metal particles and ore dust, and long-term work in a high temperature environment will deteriorate the lubricating oil, deteriorate the fluidity, and increase the local resistance of the seals, resulting in deformation.

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