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How to prevent the failure of cone crusher

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 The cone crusher has a influence in the field of crushing. The operating environment of the cone crusher is relatively harsh. When there is a problem in the production process, it should be dealt with in time.

Cone crusher

In the crushing production line of cone crusher equipment, the influence of temperature must be controlled. Components have their own suitable operating temperature. Once this range is exceeded during operation, the components will be damaged. Therefore, when using the cone crusher, it is necessary to avoid the overload operation of the equipment at low temperature, and also prevent the operation of the equipment from ultra-high temperature.

In the use of cone crusher equipment, it is necessary to avoid the appearance of its faults and reduce the impact of impurities. During the operation of the cone crusher, the entry of some impurities will cause damage to the equipment and accelerate the wear rate of the parts of the cone crusher. Therefore, the operator must do a good job in the protection of the equipment in advance, and check the equipment regularly and ly. Once impurities are found, they should be dealt with in time.

The cone crusher is large and heavy, and must be installed in the order and precision required by the manufacturer. Before starting, be sure to check whether there are ore or other objects in the crushing chamber, check whether the oil pressure or spring insurance is normal, check the oil volume and oil temperature of the fuel tank, check the water supply and water outlet status of the water seal, and then start after confirming that it is correct. Auxiliary equipment, such as lubricating oil system and cooling water system.

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