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How to use sand making machine more fuel efficient

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 Before using the sand making machine to crush the material, it is generally checked whether enough oil is added. When using it, you should pay attention to saving as much oil as possible, and not waste too much oil. At the same time, saving oil is also a way to save operating costs. So what are the tricks to make the sand making machine save fuel:

sand making machine
1. Be careful not to let the sand making machine work with dye load. Develop a good habit of repairing and checking in time, solve problems in time, and do not let the equipment continue to work under symptoms.

2. Keep the correct switch speed, do not switch on and off frequently. The fewer switches, the more fuel-efficient.

3. Check whether the sand making machine leaks oil, whether the quality of the lubricating oil used by yourself is qualified, and using the oil well can also save fuel.

4. Avoid idling. Oil is also consumed when the engine is idling.

These methods can make the sand making machine save oil and also play a maintenance role. Be careful not to switch the machine on and off frequently during use. In addition, pay attention to shut down when not in use, choose suitable lubricants, and clean up impurities in time.

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