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How to adjust the gap of spring cone crusher

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Spring cone crusher is suitable for crushing iron ore, copper ore, limestone, granite, and other kinds of rocks and ores with medium and above hardness. Coupling and other components, how to adjust the gap size of spring cone crusher?

Spring cone crusher

How to adjust the gap size of spring cone crusher?

1. The wear of the crushing wall and the rolling mortar wall will increase the size of the discharge port, so the size of the discharge port must be adjusted regularly, and the hydraulic oil pump to adjust the discharge port is adjusted by pushing the cylinder.

2. Check the size of the discharge opening by using the wire-based lead ball method to pass through the crushing cavity at four equal distances around the rolling mortar wall. After adjustment, re-tighten the bolts.

3. The spring is to protect the machine from damage when the unbreakable material enters the spring cone crusher. Therefore, during normal operation, the spring is not moving, and only when the crushing chamber falls into the iron block, the support sleeve is lifted to compress the spring. During work, if the machine jumps, this is an abnormal phenomenon. It is necessary to carefully find the cause and take measures to eliminate it. The reasons for the machine beating may include: uneven ore feeding or too much ore feeding; too many small pieces or powdery ore in the feeding ore; too small gap between the discharge openings.

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