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Sand making machine fault solution

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 The sand making machine cannot start running when there is material in it. If it does, it will burn out the motor because the starting pressure of the motor is too large. There will also be other damages. Therefore, we must pay attention to the sequence of operating the sand making machine, which is to start the sand making machine, and then add the ore raw materials into it.

sand making machine

Any crusher has its scope of application. The sand making machine requires that the size of the ore raw materials added to it should not exceed a certain size. If it is too large, the ore raw materials will be blocked at the feeding port of the sand making machine. . At this time, the production will be affected because the sand making machine needs to be cleaned, and the impeller will need to be repaired because the stone damages the impeller.
The sand making equipment needs maintenance, otherwise the iron parts in the sand making machine will be easily damaged by mutual wear and tear. After the sand making machine is used for a period of time, it is necessary to check whether it needs to add lubricating oil, so that the machine can be used for a long time.

The sand making machine is fixed together by screws, etc. These screws will be loosened by frequent vigorous exercise. If the sand making machine has abnormal noise during use, it must be s*ped in time for inspection. Find the cause of the rattling and tighten it.

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