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How to choose lubricant for jaw crusher

Time: 2023-09-11 10:35:45

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In order to ensure the normal operation of the jaw crusher, it needs to be well lubricated. Lubricants have many functions, and the performance characteristics of different types of lubricants will be different. So, how to choose the appropriate lubricant for the jaw crusher? What are the requirements for selecting lubricant for jaw crusher?
jaw crusher
jaw crusher

1. Lubricant has strong stability. The size of the jaw crusher and the volume of the oil tank are small, and the amount of lubricant installed is also small. The oil temperature is high during operation, which requires the lubricant to have good thermal stability and oxidation resistance.

jaw crusher
jaw crusher

2. Lubricant resists corrosion and can withstand pollution. Because the jaw crusher works in a harsh environment with a lot of coal dust, rock dust, and moisture, the lubricant is inevitably contaminated by these impurities. Therefore, the lubricant is required to have good anti-rust, anti-corrosion, and anti-emulsification properties. When contaminated, its performance will not change too much, that is, it will be less sensitive to pollution.

3. Lubricant is less affected by temperature. The jaw crusher works in the open air, and the temperature changes greatly. In some areas, the temperature difference between day and night is also very large. Therefore, the change in lubricant viscosity with temperature is required to be small. It is necessary to avoid the oil viscosity becoming too low when the temperature is high. Forming a lubricating film will not provide lubrication, and it is necessary to avoid the viscosity being too high when the temperature is low, making starting and operation difficult.

4. The lubricant has good sealing performance. The lubricant used in the jaw crusher should have good adaptability to the seals to avoid damage to the seals.

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