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How to adjust the gear clearance of hydraulic cone crusher

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 In the process of using the hydraulic cone crusher, we may need to adjust the gap between the tooth side and the tooth * of the hydraulic cone crusher. Which steps are needed?

cone crusher
1. If possible, place the counterweight of the large gear on the eccentric sleeve directly above the small gear.
2. Use a crowbar or other means to pull the pinion gear to the drive side so that the pinion thrust end face is close to the end face of the inner bearing sleeve of the drive shaft frame. Note: Before measuring, the belt or flexible coupling must be loosened.
3. Turn the drive shaft slightly until a large gear tooth is in a vertical position.
4. Use a jack or a crowbar to press the eccentric sleeve to the side of the pinion gear to eliminate the gap between the eccentric sleeve of the cone crusher and the frame bushing, so that the large and small gears are in the closest position. Easy to use a jack to push the pinion horizontally. The jack force and crowbar force are only sufficient to eliminate the gap, and the eccentric sleeve * cannot be deflected.
5. Keep the big gear in the above position for measurement. The gap value should be measured in three equal parts, and then the average value should be taken. The average value should meet the aforementioned requirements.

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