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How to control the feeding of sand making machine

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 Before starting the sand making machine, please check whether the crushing chamber door is tightly closed. Check the direction of the impeller rotation wheel in the inlet direction. During the operation of the sand making machine, the impeller will not rotate counterclockwise, so the motor wiring needs to be adjusted.

sand making machine
The particles provided by the sand making machine should be carried out in strict accordance with the specified requirements, and materials with a particle size er than the specified value are prohibited from entering the equipment. Otherwise, the impeller will be unbalanced, the impeller will be severely worn, or even the impeller channel will be blocked, and the sand making machine may not work properly.
When we s* the discharge equipment of the sand making machine, we need to s* the supply in time to avoid the consequences of crushing the impeller or burning the motor. At the same time, the sand making machine equipment must be shut down regularly, paying special attention to the degree of wear of the central water supply pipe, impeller, cone cap, circumferential guard and wear block.
The artificial sand powder content control of the sand making machine is mainly realized by two methods:
1. Under the premise of clean raw materials, reduce the amount of flushing water that enters the spiral classifier in the sand making machine workshop and the screening workshop, and reduce the content of fine sand and stone powder lost along the tail water.
2. Collect the tail water from the spiral classifier in the sand making locomotive workshop and the screening workshop into the water tank of the sand making machine for precipitation, and use the sand making machine to recover and screen some of the stone powder and stone powder. A stone fell from the tail of the spiral classifier in the sand making workshop. For fine sand, the stone powder and fine sand recovered from the sand making machine are sent to the finished sand bin to increase the powder content of the artificial sand and adjust the fineness of the artificial sand.

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