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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the impact crusher

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Different types of equipment are required for stone crushing in the stone crushing production line. Spring cone crushers and hydraulic cone crushers are commonly used equipment. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of the impact crusher?

impact crusher
1. Definition analysis
The impact crusher is actually a kind of impact plate to return the ore to its original state and then collide with the ore appearing behind the rotor to crush. When the ore enters the feed inlet, it will gradually slide down the sieve plate, and in the process of operation, it will achieve the crushing goal with the high-speed rotating rotor. Of course, the working principle and of equipment from different manufacturers will be different.
2. Features introduction
In the stone crusher, any crusher actually has a certain potential. The structure design of such equipment is relatively simple, and although it is small in size, it has strong production capacity. In the process of crushing, it will be crushed along the joint surface, which is relatively less energy-consuming equipment. On the basis of ensuring that energy consumption can be reduced, it can also achieve high-speed operation. Not only that, this type of crusher also has a higher crushing ratio, which can reach more than 40, making the overall crushing process easier. Not only that, because different occasions have different crushing particle sizes, it can also be crushed selectively, that is to say, it can be crushed according to the required particle size, and the general shape of the crushed products presented is cubic.
3. Analysis of shortcomings
The structural design disadvantage of the impact crusher is that it is easy to cause the abrasion of the hammer head and the impact plate, which needs to be replaced regularly, otherwise the quality of the crushed product will be affected.
As one of the stone crushers, the counterattack crusher needs to be aware of how to choose. For example, from the perspective of cost-effectiveness or crushing demand, analysis and screening are performed, and truly cost-effective crushing equipment is selected to help the work efficiency of related industries.

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