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How to remove and install the dust cover of cone crusher

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 Matters needing attention during the inspection and installation of the dust cover of the cone crusher. In the daily material crushing process, the dust cover of the cone crusher is often disassembled and inspected. So, what should be paid attention to when inspecting and installing the dust cover of cone crusher?

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  1, disassembly
   If you want to disassemble the single-cylinder hydraulic dust cover cone crusher, please be careful not to damage the sealing ring below.
   Use long bolts to push the dust cover out of the lower cover. In order to prevent the dust cover from being upside down, four slings and four hooks are used
  2. Check
   If the dust cover becomes loose and starts to rotate, it indicates that the fit with the lower cover is damaged.
   Check whether the outer surface of the dust cover is worn or damaged. The inspection method is to check whether dust will penetrate between the dust cover and the dust seal.
  3, assembly
   When reinstalling the dust cover, on the cone crusher, make sure that the holes on the sealing ring are aligned with the holes on the corresponding lower cover. Make sure that the positioning pins on the lower cover are aligned with the holes in the corresponding dust cover so that the positioning block is placed on the pin gear shaft.

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