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Solutions to common failures of circular vibrating screen

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 There will be some minor problems with the circular vibrating screen. Such as V-belts, shock-absorbing springs, rolling bearings and other accessories. If it is repaired in time after discovery, production efficiency can be ly improved.

circular vibrating screen
1. The side plates of the screen frame should avoid stress concentration, and welding on these components is not allowed. If the lower beam is cracked, it should be replaced in time.
  2. When crack damage is found on the side plate, a reinforcement plate should be added to the cracked part, and the disassembly and repair of the vibration exciter should be operated by professional personnel.
3. After disassembly, check the wear of the rolling bearing and the connection of each part, clean the box body to make the operation smooth, and remove the attachments on each joint surface.
4. When disassembling the vibration exciter and transmission device, a technician must operate it to prevent damage to the equipment.
5. Clean the parts before installation. If the screen is replaced with a new screen, it should be tightened every few hours until it is fully tightened.

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