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Do the inspection work before starting the jaw crusher

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 The jaw crusher can crush various types of materials, and the discharge fineness is also very large, but please also pay attention to that, before use, users should pay attention to the corresponding usage guidelines, and use this equipment to crush materials.

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1. Before using the jaw crusher, check to see if there is any foreign matter in the crushing cavity, including the materials left in the cavity during the last processing, various production tools, iron wires, iron blocks, etc. If there is any, take it out in time. If these things are inside, after starting the machine, the motor or the iron wire may be burnt out due to the excessive load, and the internal movable jaw plate and other parts of the machine may be damaged.
2. Before starting the machine, check whether the measures of the crusher have been completed, because in any case, it is the main thing, and at the same time prevent problems before they occur, in order to complete the production more smoothly.
3. Before starting the jaw crusher, check whether the screws fixing the machine are loose and whether the foundation supporting the machine is too soft. Reinforce the loose screws in time, and take measures to reinforce the foundation if it is found to be unsuccessful.
4. Before each use of the equipment, check whether the bearings of the machine and other places that need to be lubricated are well lubricated, and whether the lubricant in the thin oil station is sufficient. The lubrication effect of the machine is good, so that the production volume can be achieved better, and the friction between the parts can be reduced at the same time.
Before starting the jaw crusher, do the necessary inspections, especially whether the inside is clean, whether there are foreign objects, etc., can only be used after the inspection is correct. The above guidelines must be followed by users, otherwise there may be danger later.

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