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Introduction to the advantages of cone crusher crushing granite

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 Granite is a common ore material in nature. Granite particles crushed by cone crushers are *ly used in construction, decoration and other industries. So what is the effect of using cone crushers for granite crushing? Compared with other crushing equipment, what are the advantages of granite cone crusher?
cone crushers
 1. Better particles
     Using laminated crushing, high utilization rate, better grain shape and uniform size;
2. High production efficiency
     Modular design, by changing the cavity type, the conversion of coarse, medium and fine crushing can be realized, and the production efficiency can be improved;
 3. High degree of automation
     The cone crusher adopts a set of external lubrication system including oil pump, oil tank and pipeline in the design. When the oil temperature is too high or the oil flow rate is too slow, the crusher will be shut down automatically.
 4. High security
     The spring safety device is adopted to automatically increase the discharge port when unbreakable foreign objects appear in the crushing chamber or the equipment is overloaded, so that the foreign objects can be discharged to ensure its safety .

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