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Analysis of the reasons for avoiding the blockage of the impact crusher

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 The impact crusher is generally in the middle and fine crushing position in the sand and gravel production line, and it plays an important role in crushing materials and subsequent production. When the impact crusher is blocked or jammed, it will not only delay the production efficiency, but also waste a lot of time to clean up the impact crusher and rectify the sand and gravel plant, resulting in the rough crushing equipment processing materials can not be processed Reprocessing also makes the subsequent equipment materials such as sand making available, which affects the progress of the entire production line.

impact crusher

The impact crusher is composed of important parts such as plate hammer and impact plate. Because of its simple structure and easy maintenance, it is loved by users. When the vulnerable parts are worn out, they can be replaced or repaired in time to ensure that the material is crushed. The normal operation can make the material reach the crushing effect, and the material can be discharged smoothly, so as to prevent the material from being blocked. Since the impact crusher performs the crushing work according to the transmission power of the V-belt, the tightness of the V-belt will also affect the crushing effect of the material. A reasonable force will be transmitted to the sheave to achieve the normal effect. If it is too loose, the force is not enough. , The materials cannot be completely broken, resulting in the phenomenon that large pieces of materials cannot be discharged in time, and even forced to s*. If it is too tight, the sheave will break the material with excessive force, increase the wear, and destroy the equipment, so the staff should pay attention to check the tightness of the V-belt and adjust it in time.
In any part of the sand and gravel production line, the water content and viscosity of the material should not be too high. On the contrary, too much material will be stuck in the crushing cavity. Too much water will cause rust in the cavity, damage to the accessories, and impurities in the finished material. The content is too high, so no matter it is a counterattack crusher or other crushing and sand making machines, it cannot be blindly fed. When the operator incorrectly controls and operates the machine, the phenomenon of material blockage may also occur, so the production line must be equipped with professionals to carry out the operation.

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