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What is the function of the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic cone crusher

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  The hydraulic cone crusher has high crushing efficiency, low maintenance cost, can be used for medium and fine crushing of high-hardness materials, and can adapt to different production process requirements. It has become the crushing equipment in the mining crushing industry.

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The hydraulic pressure in the hydraulic cylinder can control the swing of the movable cone according to the force of the movable cone, so as to control the size of the finished material output in the cone crushing. If the crushing cavity of the machine enters the unbreakable high-hardness ore The material, through the function of the hydraulic cylinder, can expand the discharge port of the machine to discharge the unbreakable material, so as to protect the crusher, and this is the role of the hydraulic cylinder in the cone crusher.
When non-crushable objects (such as iron blocks) enter the hydraulic cone crusher, the crushing force increases. At this time, the pressure of the thrust plate of the cone crusher on the working hydraulic cylinder is er than the thrust provided by the hydraulic cylinder. The oil pressure in the high-pressure oil chamber of the hydraulic cylinder rises instantaneously, the throttle valve causes the action valve to act, and the system drains the oil, limiting the er thrust of the thrust plate (that is, er crushing force) to protect the river pebble cone crusher.
Therefore, the function of the cone crusher hydraulic cylinder is to protect the equipment from being damaged when the cone crusher enters the unbreakable material. Therefore, the pressure of the hydraulic cylinder should be compatible with the crushing force of the cone crusher, and the crusher will pass the iron during normal operation. Protective device-the hydraulic cylinder does not move, only when iron falls into the crushing cavity to overload the crusher, the support sleeve is lifted and the hydraulic cylinder is compressed.
The locking hydraulic cylinder on the cone crusher is not only a device that causes the normal crushing force, but also a safety device that protects the crusher from damage when it passes through the iron. Therefore, the tightness of the hydraulic cylinder (height after compression) should be adjusted within the range specified in the manual, and the tightness of each group of hydraulic cylinders should be adjusted to a consistent level.
If the hydraulic cylinder has the required tightness, but the support sleeve still bounces frequently, the reason must be found out, and the solution of pressing the hydraulic cylinder again cannot be taken casually. Because the hydraulic cylinder is excessively compressed, the safe compression process of the hydraulic cylinder is reduced, and the load on the parts is increased at the same time. When entering the non-broken material, it will cause the destruction of important parts such as the hydraulic cylinder screw spindle.
If the hydraulic cylinder has normal tightness, but the support sleeve still frequently jumps, there are many possible reasons for this situation. If non-broken material enters the machine; uneven or excessive ore feeding; too much fine ore in the ore; small discharge opening; dampness in the ore, blockage of the discharge opening, etc., after the process, the symptoms should be eliminated. The bounce phenomenon caused by the over-hard ore and the insufficient strength of the hydraulic cylinder is that the of the machine is not suitable for the ore production and processing conditions and should be adjusted in time.

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