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Reasons to reduce the wear of the mobile cone of cone crusher

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 When the load around the moving cone liner of the cone crusher is even, and all aspects of are optimized and in a better state, it can ly reduce production costs, improve production efficiency, and bring er benefits to the enterprise. Jiaozuo Zhongxin editor reminds you: Do the following 9 points, you can reduce the wear of the cone crushing cone.

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    1. Strictly control the feeding.
    Clarify the requirements of the cone crusher for crushed materials, and prohibit materials that do not meet the crushing requirements of the equipment from entering the equipment.
    2. Install the moving cone correctly.
    In the installation process of the moving cone, attention should be paid to the dustproof of the working surface such as the eccentric bushing, spherical tile, tapered bushing, and straight bushing of the frame. After installation, use soft lead to measure the clearance and contact area of ​​each mating surface to make it meet the requirements.
    3. Reduce the looseness of the moving cone.
    By removing the s* gear, and adding a cutting melting ring between the cone head and the pressure sleeve, when the cone crusher is running under load, the rotation of the distribution plate and the cone head can be used to automatically tighten, reducing the looseness of the moving cone. 
    4. Reduce the impact of bulk materials.
Materials with too large lumps should be prohibited from entering the cone crusher. If necessary, large lumps of materials can be blasted and then sent into the crushing cavity to reduce the impact and abrasion of the large materials on the moving cone.
    5. Improve the force condition of the moving cone.
    By installing a hydraulic device under the base of the cone crusher, the dead weight of the moving cone and the vertical component of the ore crushing are borne by the hydraulic cylinder to improve the force of the moving cone and make its operation stable and reliable, to a certain extent Reduce the damage of the moving cone.
    6. Pay attention to the inspection during production.
    Once the cone crusher has an abnormality, all operators must s* the machine in time and conduct a inspection. If the spherical bearing of the cone crusher is damaged, it needs to be repaired or replaced in time, and the clearance of the cone bushing of the cone crusher should be repaired or replaced in time. Make adjustments to ensure that there is enough space.
    7. Reliable safety device.
    Nowadays, hydraulic safety devices are generally used. When the equipment is overloaded or overloaded, the hydraulic safety devices can take effect immediately, reducing the damage to the moving cone caused by the overload of the cone crusher.
    8. Prevent the imbalance of the moving cone.
    The imbalance of the moving cone will cause serious accidents in the cone crusher, and even breakage, breakage of the main shaft, cracking of the cone bushing and other failures. Therefore, in the production, attention should be paid to prevent the unbalance of the moving cone. When the moving cone is found to be out of balance, the cause should be found out and eliminated in time to extend the service life of the moving cone and its equipment components.
    9. Good lubrication.
    Before the cone crusher starts to work, check the lubrication status of the moving cone and check whether there are impurities in the lubricating oil. During the operation of the moving cone, pay attention to the temperature of the lubricating oil and ensure that the oil circuit is clear. When the lubricating oil deteriorates, it is necessary to filter or replace the clean lubricating oil in time to ensure good lubrication of the moving cone.

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