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Cause analysis of slow discharge of hydraulic cone crusher

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 Hydraulic cone crushers are widely used in crushing operations in many areas such as mines, construction, road construction, etc., and have the advantages of large crushing ratio, high work efficiency, and uniform product size, so they are deeply liked by users. Some customers have reported that after using the cone crusher for a long time, the discharge is too slow. What are the reasons for the slow discharge of the hydraulic cone crusher during operation?

hydraulic cone crusher
There are many reasons that cause the hydraulic cone crusher to discharge too slowly. If you want to deal with the too slow discharge, you must find out the corresponding reason, so that the problem of material blocking can be handled well.
1. The problem of material blockage in the crusher is that too much material feeds the equipment and the burden on the equipment increases, and then causes the problem of accumulation or even material blocking. This situation will cause the equipment to discharge slowly. When we run the equipment, we must feed the material uniformly and evenly to avoid this situation.
2. The water content of the processed material is too large. If the stone material to be processed has a high moisture content, after entering the hydraulic cone crushing cavity, following the work of the equipment, under the strong kneading action, it is inevitable that there will be adhesion and adhesion, and even blockage, which is ly reduced. The crushing ability of the equipment to the material ultimately constitutes the slow discharge of the hydraulic cone crusher.
3. The feed volume is too large. In our use of hydraulic cone crusher for material processing, if too much material is put into the crushing cavity and occupying part of the space in the crushing cavity, the crushing space of the material will be reduced, and then the material will be discharged slowly after crushing.
4. The size of the discharge port is incorrect. When the size of the discharge outlet of the hydraulic cone crusher is inappropriate, it simply constitutes that the materials that have been crushed are too late to be discharged in time, and then the material builds up and blocks, which affects the crushing of the stone, and then causes the hydraulic cone crusher to discharge slowly.
5. As a kind of mechanical equipment, hydraulic cone crusher will be accompanied by certain equipment aging after long-term use. At this time, we must carry out regular protection and maintenance methods for the equipment. Check whether there is a problem with the equipment, find the problem in time, deal with the problem, and replace the severely aging accessories, so as to avoid the problem of slow processing.
6. If the water content of the material is high during crushing, it may cause the material to stick or even block the discharge port after crushing, and then cause the equipment to discharge too slowly.

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