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What are the factors that affect the efficiency of the impact crusher

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 The factors that affect the efficiency of the impact crusher are worthy of our research and exploration. There are many factors that will affect the efficiency of the impact crusher. In communicating with customers, we found that many customers are worried about production efficiency. How to improve the efficiency of the impact crusher? Generally speaking, there are many factors that will affect the production capacity. The following factors require special attention:

impact crusher
1. Wear resistance of components.
  The better the abrasion resistance of the hammer and jaws of the crushing equipment, the er the crushing ability. If it is not wear-resistant, it will affect the crushing ability. In this regard, the crushing parts of the impact crusher must be repaired regularly. If it is damaged or damaged, please replace it in time to avoid affecting the normal operation of the impact crusher.
2. The hardness of the material.
  The harder the material, the more difficult it is to break, and the more severe the wear of the impact crusher. Of course, the crushing capacity is very small, which requires me to choose the right amount of materials.
Counterattack crusher
3. The humidity of the material.
   When the water content in the material is large, the material is easy to adhere to the impact crusher, and it is also easy to block during the feeding and conveying process, resulting in the reduction of crushing capacity. In order to solve this problem, the temperature of the material must be strictly controlled when selecting the material.
4. If the temperature of the selected material is too high, you can use sunlight or air drying to reduce the high percentage of moisture in the material. In other words, the finer the material to be crushed, the smaller the crushing capacity. This aspect depends on the specific requirements of the concentrator. If there is no special requirement, the fineness of the material can usually be set to medium fineness.
5. The composition of materials.
   The more fine powder contained in the material before crushing, the er the impact on crushing, because these fine powders are easy to adhere and affect transportation.
6. The viscosity of the material.
   High-viscosity materials will adhere to the inner wall of the crushing cavity of the impact crusher. If it cannot be cleaned up in time, it will seriously affect the working efficiency of the impact crusher, and seriously affect the normal operation of the impact crusher.

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