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What is the crushing capacity of the cone crusher?

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 The crushing capacity of a cone crusher refers to the amount of materials crushed per unit time. The length of the hammer head of the cone crusher protruding from the hammer plate is limited. Therefore, no matter how big the block is, it will always be knocked off according to the extended length, and then further crushed. Therefore, the feed size of the cone crusher can reach 2/3 of the diameter or width of the rotor. The relatively large feed block that can be crushed at one time does not need to be supported on the hammer plate, which is significantly different from the situation where the crusher crushes medium-sized ore.

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The crushing capacity of a cone crusher refers to the amount of material crushed per unit time, usually in tons/hour.
1. The hardness of the material. The harder the material, the more difficult it is to break, and the more severe the wear of the equipment. The crushing speed is very slow, and of course the crushing ability is also very small.
2. The humidity of the material When the moisture in the material is large, the material is easy to adhere to the crusher, and it is also easy to be blocked during the transportation of the material, resulting in the reduction of the crushing ability of the material.
3. The fineness of the crushed product is high, that is, the finer the crushed product, the smaller the crushing ability.
4. The composition of materials. The more fine powder in the material before crushing, the greater the impact on crushing, because these fine powders will adhere and affect transportation. The content of fine powder should be selected in advance.
5. The viscosity of the material. In other words, the greater the viscosity of the material, the easier it is to adhere.
6. The better the abrasion resistance of the hammer head and jaw plate of the cone crusher, the greater the crushing capacity. If it is not wear-resistant, it will affect the crushing ability.

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