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How is the quality of river pebble sand

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River pebble is a kind of construction material. The current dilemma of natural sand makes machine-made sand take advantage of the momentum. The nature of river pebble is stable and the hardness reaches the standard. The raw material used to make sand cannot be more suitable. Not only is there a large stock, but the effect of sand making Not bad, how is the quality of sand made from river pebble?

sand makes machine
How about the quality of sand making from river pebble? Compared with natural pebbles, machine-made river pebbles have distinct edges and corners, strong adhesion, and good use effects.
1. Uniform particle size: Two methods of "stone-on-rock" and "stone-on-iron" are used to make sand, which has both sand making and shaping effects. The particle size of the material is uniform and adjustable.
2. Reasonable gradation: it can process aggregates of various gradations, with continuous gradation, which can be used in concrete to effectively enhance its workability and strength.
3. Stable properties: The machine-made river pebbles have stronger resistance to wear, corrosion and impact, good durability, and stable physical and chemical properties.
4. No cracks and fine lines: the finished product has no cracks, fine lines, no segregation of coarse and fine particles, the plasticity index conforms to national regulations, and the mud content is effectively controlled.

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