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How to prevent the corrosion of stone crusher accessories

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During the use of stone crusher parts, the metal surface of the stone crusher is subjected to the chemical and electrochemical effects of the surrounding medium, and at the same time, it is also subjected to friction or impact. The damage to the equipment parts caused by these effects is called corrosion wear.

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Corrosion and abrasion of stone crusher parts brings harm to crusher equipment. The damage to equipment parts is quite serious. Every year, a large amount of metal is scrapped due to corrosion and abrasion, causing huge losses. The hazard of corrosion and wear is not only the loss of parts, but more serious is the damage to the structure of the crusher equipment, waste products and equipment accidents in the production, this kind of wear sometimes even limits the possibility of adopting new processes and new equipment. Therefore, it is of economic significance to study corrosion wear and prevent corrosion wear.
According to the principle of corrosion, metal corrosion and wear can be divided into two forms; one is electrochemical corrosion, which is caused by the effect of electrolyte, and local current is generated; the other is chemical corrosion, which is caused by dry gas or non-conductive liquid medium. the result of. The rate of destruction of metals caused by electrochemical corrosion is relatively fast. Most of the severe damage caused by corrosion and abrasion is caused by electrochemical corrosion, while the rate of destruction of metals by chemical corrosion is relatively slow.
In order to prevent corrosion and wear, various new processes and methods have emerged in recent years, such as using corrosion-resistant alloys, stainless steel, etc. as materials for manufacturing parts, and using carbon products as corrosion-resistant materials has a better effect. From an economic and technical point of view, it is often used to add a protective layer of gold or non-metal on the surface of the part, such as hot dip, electroplating or metal spraying to add zinc, chromium, nickel, tin, copper, aluminum, lead Other metal materials are compounded on the metal surface, or painted (paint, varnish, mineral oil, petrolatum, paraffin solution, etc.) on the surface of the part as an anti-corrosion layer.

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