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How to clean the jaw crusher

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 Jaw crusher is a commonly used mechanical equipment for ore crushing and processing. Unlike ordinary ore crushers, the jaw crusher has a relatively large crushing force and can be used for granite, dolomite, calcite and other high-hardness ores. Crushers are generally used for coarse crushing operations in sand and gravel production lines, and have a very wide range of applications.

jaw crusher
We all know that jaw crushers are always inevitably stained with oil and impurities during daily use. These oil and impurities of jaw crushers are generally composed of unsaponifiable oil and dust. These impurities are also different. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a suitable cleaning fluid and then perform the cleaning work. There are ways to clean the jaw crusher. Jiaozuo Zhongxin teaches you how to clean the jaw crusher.
The user can put the jaw crusher parts into a container with diesel, kerosene or other cleaning fluid, and scrub with cotton yarn or scrub with a brush. This method is easy to operate, simple in equipment, but low in efficiency, and is suitable for a single small batch of small parts. Remind everyone to pay attention to cleaning the jaw crusher. Generally, gasoline should not be used because gasoline has fat-dissolving properties, which will harm people's health and easily cause fires.
The user can also put the configured solution and the parts of the jaw crusher to be cleaned into a cleaning bath of appropriate size welded with steel plates, and use an under-pool stove to heat it to 80℃-90; it will have a certain pressure The temperature of the cleaning fluid is sprayed onto the surface of the jaw crusher to clean the oil stains.

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