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How to maintain and maintain the vibrating feeder

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 1. When the vibrating feeder is normal after the no-load test run, the amplitude is reduced during normal production, and the work efficiency is low. It is probably due to the improper design of the feed inlet of the equipment, and the trough of the equipment bears excessive load and pressure. At this time, the feed inlet should be improved in time to reduce the feed pressure of the equipment and ensure that the equipment works in a stable production environment.

vibrating feeder
2. After the vibrating feeder is connected to the power supply, the equipment does not vibrate or work intermittently, and the current is unstable. The fuse of the vibrating motor of the vibrating feeder is blown or the coil wire is short-circuited, which will directly affect the normal operation of the equipment, causing the vibrating feeder to not vibrate. It is necessary to replace the new fuse in time, and check the coil layer or turn of the vibrating motor. , Eliminate short-circuit phenomenon, connect the lead wire.
 3. The vibration amplitude is small, and the exciter cannot adjust the amplitude normally. This situation is likely to occur after the vibrator's SCR is broken down by excessive voltage and current, or the air gap between the equipment parts is blocked by excess materials. It is necessary to clean up the blocked materials in time and replace the thyristor of the vibration exciter. It should be noted that after the vibrating feeder has been running for a long time, a short circuit will occur between the turns of the SCR electromagnetic coil, which will burn the SCR rectifier and cause the equipment to s*. Therefore, the SCR electromagnetic coil needs to be replaced in time.
4. Noise and impact sound are produced during work. When the amplitude of the equipment is irregular, it is easy to produce abnormal impact. If the leaf spring of the vibrating feeder is broken, or the connecting bolts between the exciter and the tank body are broken and loose, it will cause irregular vibration of the equipment. It is necessary to tighten or replace the new connecting bolts and spring structure in time, and keep the equipment parts such as iron cores. There is a certain air gap between the armature and the armature. At the same time, it is necessary to adjust the motor control to maintain the rated working voltage to avoid collisions and unstable voltage of the machine parts during the vibration process.

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