How to replace the seals of hydraulic cone crusher

 The U-shaped seal at the groove of the gear on the frame of the hydraulic cone crusher is usually not contacted or worn. However, if the seal is damaged in any way, it is very important to replace the seal. The seal is used to prevent oil leakage and protect the precision machined surfaces of large gears, small gears and bearings from harmful dust. Follow the steps below to replace the seals in the crusher:

hydraulic cone crusher
1. Remove the damaged seals in the crusher and remove any sticky matters remaining in the seal groove. Cut off the seal with a sharp spatula or knife and scrape the old adhesive from the groove.
2. Use non-oily solvent, alcohol or acetone to thoroughly clean the sealed tank and let it dry.
3. Before the molded seal is bonded and fixed, the bottom of the seal is thoroughly roughened with coarse sandpaper to remove the surface gloss. In the manufacturing process, in order to make the seal more convenient to release the film, a layer of release agent is applied on the seal. In order to make the seal and the adhesive bond well, the seal is firmly bonded in the groove of the main frame, and the release agent must be thoroughly cleaned. If the release agent is not cleaned thoroughly, the seal will loosen during operation.
4. Apply a thin layer of curing agent to the bottom of the seal of the crusher. If the curing agent is applied too much, it will cause local curing and bonding.
5. Apply a small amount of curing agent to the bottom of the main frame sealing groove. Just apply enough adhesive to ensure that the amount of extrusion is as small as possible.
6. After applying the adhesive, put the seal into the seal groove as soon as possible. Keep enough strength at the bottom of the seal to make the seal and the bottom of the seal groove in compression contact. The bonding process takes about 3 minutes. 





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