What are the vulnerable parts in the jaw crusher

 As a commonly used rough crushing equipment, jaw crusher often comes into contact with large stones. Many parts are easy to wear during the work process, so they need to be replaced frequently. Then how do we determine whether the vulnerable parts of the jaw crusher need to be replaced? ? What are the wearing parts of jaw crusher? The vulnerable parts of the jaw crusher include movable jaws, fixed jaws, shafts, liners, brackets, etc.

 jaw crusher
To what extent does the broken jaw parts need to be replaced?
    1. Replacement of jaw plate
    The service life of the jaw plate mainly depends on the production time and the degree of damage. The service life and the degree of wear of different materials are also different. High wear-resistant materials are used as the raw materials of the jaw plates, which generally need to be replaced once a year. If it is used to crush limestone, it can be used for two years.
    2. Replacement of shaft
     If the shaft wears little, just to repair its geometric shape, it can be turned on a lathe to make the shaft journal reach the correct geometric shape, and then reduce the bearing inner diameter accordingly. However, after several such treatments, if the journal size is reduced by 5% compared to the original, turning is not allowed, and a new shaft should be replaced.
    3. Replacement of liner
    The fixed jaw liner, movable jaw liner, and two side liners of the jaw crusher are easy to wear. If the wear is fast, the product specifications will become larger. When the liner is initially worn, the liner can be turned around, or two upper and lower U-turn application, the wear of the jaw plate is *ly concentrated in the middle bottom. When the tooth plate is worn out by 3/5, the liner needs to be replaced, and when the two side liners are worn down by 2/5, they also need to be replaced.
    4. Toggle replacement
    When the toggle plate wears out or breaks, the stone in the crushing chamber must be removed *, the toggle plate that wears out quickly or breaks out, check whether the movable jaw and the toggle plate on the connecting rod are damaged, and then pull the movable jaw to the fixed position. After the jaw is close, lubricate the working surface of the toggle plate with dry oil, and replace it with a new thrust plate to make it gradually contact with the working surface of the toggle plate, and tighten the lever to make the movable jaw clamp the thrust plate and tighten it safely Cover, connect the lubrication system, and then adjust the size of the discharge port.
    5. Replacement of eccentric shaft and bearing box
    If the eccentric shaft and the bearing box are worn and the space exceeds 1.5 times the original installation space, it needs to be adjusted or replaced; the oil groove is worn 1.5mm, the oil groove should be reopened and adjusted; the upper cover of the connecting rod head and the eccentric shaft When the space between is worn to more than 1.5 times the installation and configuration space, it must be adjusted or replaced. 





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