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What to do if the output of the impact crusher becomes low

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 The impact crusher has a very wide range of applications in mine production due to its simple structure, low price, good crushing shape, and convenient maintenance. In the mine crushing production line, the impact crusher is generally used as the second crusher to crush the material to the required size. The capacity of the impact crusher will directly affect the economic benefits of the entire production line. So, how to effectively increase the production capacity of the impact crusher?

impact crusher
1. Reasonably reduce the humidity of materials
    If the material contains a large amount of water, the material is easy to adhere in the crushing cavity, and it is also easy to block during the cutting process, which reduces the production capacity of counterattack. Therefore, for materials with large moisture content, air or dry in advance can be adopted to reasonably reduce the humidity of the materials and increase the productivity of counterattack.
2. Pre-screening materials in advance
    If the material before crushing contains a large amount of large ore, it will inevitably increase the crushing time of the material in the crushing cavity, and the capacity of counter-breaking will be reduced to a certain extent. And if the material before crushing contains a lot of fine powder, the production capacity of counterattack will be low. Because these fine powders will easily adhere, affecting conveying and unloading. The materials are pre-screened in advance, and the bulk and powdery materials are screened out for processing, so that the materials entering the crushing cavity can meet the design requirements of counterattack and effectively improve the productivity of counterattack.
3. Reasonably increase the power of the main motor
    Within the range of rated motor power, the greater the power of the main motor, the higher the production efficiency of counterattack and the higher the productivity. Therefore, in production, the main motor power can be increased within the allowable range to increase the production capacity of counterattack.
4. Properly increase the speed of the rotor
    The speed of the rotor is one of the important working parameters of the impact crusher, which plays a decisive role in the crusher's capacity, product size and crushing ratio. The test shows that with the increase of the rotor speed, the production capacity and the crushing ratio of the impact crusher have increased significantly, and the product particle size will be relatively finer. However, with the increase of the rotor element, the power consumption also increases, and the wear of the hammer is accelerated, which increases a certain production cost. Therefore, the high speed of the rotor should not be blindly pursued in production, and the speed should be increased appropriately.

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