Jaw crushers need to regularly check the wear of accessories

Jaw crushers are common coarse crushing equipment used in various metallurgy, chemical, building materials and hydropower production lines. They are usually used as primary crushing equipment and will be discovered through our market feedback. As a long-term crushing device, various problems and wear will occur after a period of use.

jaw crusher
 Jaw crushers use rock rocking technology to cause materials to destroy each other through interaction, which can effectively reduce mechanical wear and extend the service life of the equipment, but this is not the case. Suppose we can ignore the mechanical wear of our own equipment. Once it is put into production, it is necessary to regularly evaluate the degree of wear of other components in the crusher, especially when various parts such as bearings are worn out, we need to adjust or replace them in time. Special attention should be paid to the wear of fasteners. Please pay attention to the deformation of the screws, whether they are tightened, and whether the positions of other fasteners are offset. When replacing consumables, * open the upper frame of the jaw crusher. Remove the bolt from the waist, open the hex head with a wrench, and replace it with a hanger. In addition to the wear check, the key components must be lubricated to ensure the correct use of lubricating oil and grease.
In daily use, you need to pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the jaw crusher to extend the service life and improve work efficiency.





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