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Introduction to the maintenance method of circular vibrating screen

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 1. The vibration exciter of the new machine of the circular vibrating screen has a running-in process. The bearing temperature may rise in the * few working days. If the oil grade, brand, oil level, and cleanliness meet the requirements, the bearing temperature will rise Does not exceed 40°C.
2. Make sure that the labyrinth groove of the circular vibrating screen is filled with grease. If there is a large amount of dust, add grease frequently.

circular vibrating screen
3. High-strength bolts are used for the connection between the exciter and the screen box of the circular vibrating screen, and ordinary bolts are not allowed to be substituted. If the side plate of the screen box connected by ring-grooved nails is difficult to purchase, it can be replaced with high-strength bolts.
4. If it is necessary to weld the screen box on site, use an AC welder and the screen box must have a grounding wire to prevent damage caused by current passing through the bearing.
5. Cracks appear on the surface of the middle screen box using the circular vibrating screen. The key is balance, including installation balance, spring balance, block eccentricity or shaft eccentricity. The balance problem should be solved *, and then cracks should be repaired. Crack repair methods: Punch small holes of 6m/m at both ends of the crack to prevent it from extending. First, shovel the groove along the crack, preheat at 60℃ and weld with the electrode of the corresponding brand. There is no slag and no meat biting phenomenon. If the crack is serious, it can be used again Smooth the weld meat and patch up the reinforcing plate.
6. For the repair of the screen box of the circular vibrating screen, it is not allowed to use flame cutting holes on the side plates, and only drill holes with electric drills, otherwise stress will be generated around the cutting surface and cause cracks.
7. There is a rubber strip between the screen and the bracket of the circular vibrating screen to reduce vibration, and it should be replaced if worn.
8. The wide surface of the screen of the circular vibrating screen should have a gap of about 15m/m with the inner plate of the screen box, so that the tension plates on both sides have a certain tension on the screen.
9. After the shaft is fixed in the exciter, there must be a series momentum, which should be 3-4m/m& suitable. Too large or too small is not harmful to the normal operation of the bearing.
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