Analysis of the Reasons for the Cracking of the Bolt of Cone Crusher

 The cone crusher has suitable crusher models in the three stages of coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing according to the size of the material to be crushed, with excellent functions and reliable operation. However, during the long-term operation of the cone crusher, the bolts may show cracks. This is due to the long-term use. The bolts are fatigued and cracked due to the repeated stretching of the crusher body and the motor bracket. Then the cone crusher bolts are cracked. What are the reasons?

cone crusher
1. There is a gap between the motor bracket and the touch surface of the lower frame of the cone crusher
 There will be a slight gap in the joint surface of the motor bracket and the lower frame of the cone crusher in a short time. Not only will there be severe impact load on the connecting surface, the motor bracket will also shake up and down, which is easy to crack the bolt.
2. The touch surface of the motor bracket and the lower frame of the cone crusher is too small
The high-strength bolt connection is based on the friction between the touch surfaces of the connecting parts to prevent them from sliding. The touch surface is too small, so that the motor bracket and the crusher lower frame touch surface relatively slip, which occurs at the bolt touch surface The huge shear force causes the bolt to crack.
3. The bolt pre-tightening force does not meet the requirements
 High-strength bolts use a torsion wrench to tighten the nut, so that the bolt has a huge and controlled pretension. Through the nut and the backing plate, the same amount of prestress is also generated on the connected parts. If the pre-pressure is large or small, it will cause uneven force on the connecting surface, which will cause the bolt to crack.





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