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Which material crushing processing is suitable for cone crusher

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 The cone crusher is suitable for crushing more than 100 kinds of materials with medium and medium hardness. It is resistant to pressure and wear resistance and has a long service life for wearing parts. More and more users choose cone crushers as medium and fine crushing equipment.

cone crusher
1. Keep the parameters of the tight side discharge opening of the cone crusher unchanged. 2. Try to ensure the continuous "full cavity" operation of the cone crusher. 3. Don't feed too little cone crusher. 4. The feed drop point needs to be aligned with the center point of the cone crusher feed inlet.
 Timely replacement of wear parts. For crusher equipment, the wear of vulnerable parts is more concerned in the daily work of each crushing station. The timely repair and replacement of vulnerable parts is the basic requirement to ensure the production efficiency of cone crushers. For the replacement of components, not only the replacement of wearing parts should be paid attention to. At the same time, regular inspection, maintenance and replacement of other components are one of the effective measures to ensure normal production and reduce the incidence of failure.
 A feeder with proper structure should be installed on the * of the cone crusher. The efficiency of the crusher depends directly on the feed setting. If the amount of feed is uniform and the throughput of the feeder matches that of the cone crusher, the material balance can be achieved, so that the cone crusher can achieve high efficiency.
A screen or other filtering device is installed in front of the cone crusher to screen out the fine and viscous materials of the species to be crushed, which can effectively relieve the clogging of the discharge port and the excessive compression of the spring, thereby avoiding the overload and crushing of the cone crusher Decrease in efficiency. A metal detector, a so-called iron removal device, should also be installed to pick out unbreakable foreign objects such as iron blocks, which can cause the support sleeve to jump. Frequent over-ironing or overloading causes frequent spring actions and premature failure of the spring.

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