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Method to reduce wear of bevel gear of cone crusher

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 1. It is forbidden to overload the cone crusher equipment
    If too much material is put into the crushing cavity of the cone crusher, the equipment of the cone crusher will be overloaded for a long time, not only can't increase the production, on the contrary, it will cause serious wear and even fracture of the gear, or cause partial fatigue of the tooth root Cracks etc. Therefore, we must pay attention to combining work and rest with the equipment to reduce gear damage.

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 2. Strictly control the feeding
    If the material put into the crushing cavity contains iron lumps and other impurities, the gear will be severely damaged. Therefore, we must strictly control the feeding during production to reduce gear damage.
3. Eliminate additional wear
    As the gear is in operation, it is prone to shock vibration and additional sliding wear, resulting in serious damage to the gear. Therefore, we can make the center hole of the big bevel gear deviate a distance from the center line of the eccentric bushing to ensure that the big bevel gear always rotates around the fixed centerline of the equipment, thereby eliminating the additional shock vibration and additional sliding wear generated to reduce the gear Damage.
4. Ensure the normal meshing of gears
    If the gears of the cone crusher are not properly meshed during production, the gears will be damaged faster. Therefore, we should ensure the normal meshing of the gears so that the cones of the two gears meet at one point and the pitch circles coincide.
5. Do a good job in the maintenance of cone crusher gears
    To do a good job in the maintenance of the cone crusher gears, there are mainly the following two points: one is to ensure the lubrication of the gears to reduce the wear of the gears in operation; the other is to check whether there are sundries between the gears, and if there are sundries, timely Clean up so as not to affect the meshing of the gears and reduce the damage to the gears of the cone crusher.

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