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Analysis of Causes of Seal Failure of Cone Crusher

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 Cone crusher, as a mining crusher equipment, is quickly widely used due to its high efficiency output power, uniform crushing of finished materials and stable working functions. Due to its high production function, it is often used to crush medium and high hardness materials that are difficult to handle with traditional crusher equipment. Heavy production and frequent overload work will inevitably lead to the occurrence of crusher equipment failures and affect the service life of the crusher . It is extremely important to protect the cone crusher well.

cone crusher
What are the main reasons for the sealing failure of the cone crusher?
1. The seals are severely worn. If the gap between the components of the cone crusher becomes smaller, the seals will be deformed and severely worn; perhaps when replacing some of the worn parts, the replacement cycle of the seals is inconsistent with the wear cycle of the conflicting parts. The degree is different, so that the sealing kneading force of the rubber sealing ring is increased, and some deformation and warping cause the damage of the seal.
 2. The seal is aging. Rubber seals are affected by oil quality, temperature, and time in use. In addition, improper selection of materials for making seals may cause aging, which will cause the body of the seals to lose elasticity and change the sealing conditions, resulting in equipment seal failure. Cone crusher
In the application process of the cone crusher, due to its wide application range, it is easy to damage the crushing parts of the crusher when crushing corrosive materials such as acid and alkali. Generally, these materials need to undergo relevant acid and alkali reduction treatments before crushing, or use special crusher related parts. The specific situation needs to be considered and selected according to the corresponding production environment and requirements, as well as the required input cost and other summary factors.

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