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What problems should the sand making machine pay attention to before production

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According to the scope of use and operation objects, there are different classifications of sand making machines, such a sand making machines, vertical sand making machines, and limestone sand making machines. If these sand making machines can produce efficiently, some preparations must be done.

sand making machine
    1. Preparation for the control of the particle size of the sand making machine:
    If the feed size is larger than the specified size and enters the sand making machine, it will cause the impeller of the sand making machine to be unbalanced, excessive wear of the impeller, and even block the impeller and the central feed pipe, making the sand making machine unable to work normally. Large pieces of material should be removed in time .
    2. Preparation for trial operation of sand making machine:
    The rotation direction of the motor belt should be consistent with the direction of the sand making machine. If the direction is opposite to the label, the motor wiring should be adjusted and the direction of rotation should be consistent with the label. The number of V-belts connected to the spindle assembly is the same and should be adjusted straight. Check the correctness before production, and perform an empty machine test before production. After 8 hours of no-load operation, after the test confirms that there is no problem, the production can be started.
    3. Preparation of lubricant for sand making machine:
    Check whether the lubricating oil pipe of the sand making machine is firm or not. Before the trial operation, please add oil once and add special grease or 3# lithium grease. Check whether the lubricating oil pipe of the filling wheel is firmly connected, and carefully check whether there is any foreign matter on the impeller. Every 100 hours of operation, the sand making machine will add an appropriate amount of grease.
    4. Shutdown of sand making machine:
    Before the main body of the sand making machine s*s running, the feeding should be s*ped, otherwise it will cause the impeller to be crushed and the motor to burn out. During operation, there should be no vibration or abnormal sound. If there is, it should be closed for inspection.

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