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What should be paid attention to when feeding cone crusher

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 The hydraulic cone crusher is a kind of ore processing machinery and equipment with a wide range of use in the sand and gravel production line. The normal operation of the hydraulic cone crusher has a relationship with the feeding. Therefore, we must pay attention to the correct feeding of the hydraulic cone crusher. It is very important. Today we understand what are the feeding precautions of the hydraulic cone crusher.

hydraulic cone crusher
Everyone should pay attention to the materials put into the equipment should meet the feeding requirements of the hydraulic cone crusher, and it is strictly forbidden to enter the crushing cavity with too large and hard materials. At the same time, the amount of material put into the equipment should not be too much or too little, so that the material can evenly cover the crushing cavity, and the material fed cannot be higher than the level of the mortar wall of the hydraulic cone crusher, otherwise it will cause hydraulic cone crushing The load of the machine is worn.
During the working process of the hydraulic cone crusher, the ore must be in the middle of the distribution tray, and it is not allowed to feed the ore directly into the crushing cavity of the hydraulic cone crusher, because this will easily overload the equipment and cause uneven lining wear. The feed box helps the material to be fully mixed, so that it is evenly distributed along the entire crushing cavity, and the segregation of fine and coarse materials should be kept to a minimum as far as possible to minimize the wear of the liner.
When installing the hydraulic cone crusher and its components, you should carefully check the basic diagram and the size of the crusher's space, and make a thorough plan for the installation of the feeding equipment in advance to ensure that the hydraulic cone crusher should be easily removed when the hydraulic cone crusher is repaired. The feeding device.

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