Sand and gravel processing choose symons cone crusher

 With the continuous expansion of the sand and gravel market, how to stand out among many suppliers depends on the quality of the sand and gravel. The higher the quality, the greater the profit. The quality of the aggregate depends on the crusher's quality. Performance, the Symons cone crusher introduced by Zhongxin is very suitable for processing sand and gravel, with high quality and large output, which can meet the large demand for sand and gravel.

Symons cone crusher
 The raw materials of sand and gravel are usually made of materials with higher hardness such as basalt and granite, which are also the main raw materials of sand and gravel at present. In the face of such hard materials, the selected crusher must have good wear resistance to ensure the quality of sand . Symons cone crusher adopts multi-cylinder hydraulic clearance system inside, which has good wear resistance.
Zhongxin Symons cone crusher adopts a multi-cavity design, and users can choose the corresponding cavity according to their different needs. The equipment adopts a compensable grease seal to avoid dust pollution to the lubrication system, thereby extending the life of the cone crusher. The safety system adopts a multi-group spring structure, which can effectively avoid the harm of foreign objects to the crushing cavity.
Symons cone crusher has two types: standard and short head. Different types of cone crushers can be selected according to your actual needs. This type of crusher is suitable for crushing a variety of ores with higher hardness. The quality of the finished product can also be guaranteed. , To ensure the efficient production of your entire production line.





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