Why the cone crusher has a long life

s Why is cone crusher so popular and why is the price of cone crusher so high? It may be that many people have doubts about the cone crusher. Among them, high wear resistance is one of the main selling points of the equipment, and the reason for this advantage is the unique crushing cavity of the equipment.

cone crusher

The shape of the crushing cavity of the cone crusher will affect the productivity of the cone crusher, the size and shape of the material, the energy consumption of the equipment and the wear resistance of the liner. At present, the crusher has several cavity shapes, each of which Shapes have different breaking effects. The domestic research and development capacity of crusher cavity is al* zero. my country's crusher cavity mainly adopts foreign designed cavity. Very few companies have their own research and development of crushing cavity. The shape of the cone crushing cavity will affect the throughput of the material due to overshoot. Poor throughput control will either affect the output or cause material blockage.
When designing the shape of the cone crusher's crushing cavity, the following requirements should be met: to ensure the production capacity required by the cone crusher, to ensure that the product size meets the requirements, to make the output size uniform and have a certain shape, and it is not easy to block the crushing cavity and break. The liner in the cavity should be worn as evenly as possible, so as to extend the service life of the liner.
Therefore, when purchasing cone crushing equipment, it is necessary to understand the cavity shape of the crusher produced by the manufacturer. You cannot blindly compare the price. The crusher equipment is different from other equipment. Generally, there is no doorway from the appearance. The equipment should be viewed from the accurate data. Design drawings, from the production line configuration, from the product performance, from the crushing cavity design. The small details of the equipment are important criteria for determining the quality of the machine.





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