Solutions to some common problems in the process of sand washing machine

 The particle surface of artificial sand is rough, with multiple edges and corners, the combination of aggregate, cement, and aggregate is good, and the mechanical occlusal force is high. Therefore, the concrete with artificial sand is stronger than the concrete with natural sand. Artificial sand has become the main raw material for engineering processing in the construction industry and highway construction. The production of artificial sand is inseparable from sand and gravel processing machinery and equipment.

sand washing machine

    Jiaozuo Zhongxin Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of ore processing machinery and equipment. Here, Zhongxin talks to everyone about the sand washing machine used for sand and gravel aggregate cleaning in the sand and gravel production line. The sand washing machine is required during use Some issues that need attention.
    During the sand washing process, the sand washing machine has reduced sand washing volume or sand leakage. Reasons: sand mesh damage; sand mesh fixing bolts fall off. When this happens, the user needs to pay attention to check and repair or replace the sand net; tighten the bolts. The user also needs to pay attention to the vibration problem of the sand washer frame, and the bolts of the coupling frame are loose; the loose bolts of the bearing seat will cause the vibration of the sand washer frame. Tighten the bolts; check and tighten the bolts to solve it.
    The gears of the sand washer are easily damaged parts and generally have not been maintained in time; the failure of the sand washer shaft and the low-speed shaft of the reducer to reach the specified parallelism will cause this problem. Remedy: refuel at the specified time; adjust to meet the requirements.





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