What to pay attention to when installing a circular vibrating screen

 1. Before installing the circular vibrating screen, first check whether the parts are complete and damaged according to the packing list. The vibrator must be disassembled, washed and assembled again if it exceeds six months from the factory date, and replaced with clean lubrication. oil.

circular vibrating screen
2. Install the equipment according to the installation drawing. The supporting frame must be installed horizontally on the foundation. The foundation should have sufficient rigidity and strength to support all the dynamic and static loads of the vibrating screen.
3. The four corners of the screen box have lifting ears, and the four corners of the supporting base frame have lifting holes. Lift and transport according to the requirements of the figure. The entire screen cannot be directly hung on the vibrator.
4. Ensure that the gap between the screen box and the hopper, trough (chute) and other non-moving parts of the circular vibrating screen should be kept at a minimum of 75mm.
5. The damping spring is selected according to the free height, and the free height of the spring on the left and right sides of the front or rear end should be as equal as possible, and the error should not exceed 5mm. After the screen box is installed, the left and right screen surfaces are kept level, otherwise, thin iron sheets can be placed between the spring seat and the support.
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