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How to solve the overheating of the jaw crusher motor

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 To start using the jaw crusher, the motor is required to provide electrical energy to the equipment so that the equipment can be started. Therefore, the motor is also a very important accessory device for the equipment, so once the motor fails to supply energy normally, it will seriously affect the normal use of the crusher equipment. Therefore, the engineers of Jiaozuo Zhongxin Heavy Industry will give an example of how to deal with the overheating problem that often occurs in the motor equipment of the jaw crusher.

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1. When buying a jaw crusher, the model must be matched with the motor. If the motor is small or large, it will be prone to failures, such as the phenomenon of motor heating or even burning; secondly, good installation is better Exercising performance; in addition, the falling or abrasion of the fan blades will also cause the motor to heat up. At this time, we need to check whether the motor fan blades are falling or abraded, and if the problem is found, we must deal with it in time; in addition, the motor power of the equipment is too large, which will cause excessive Under the strong wind speed, it is too late to blow back the discharge port, resulting in low output, and repeated crushing of the material after returning to the furnace will cause the motor to heat up.
2. Open circuit and closed circuit: In production, the cycle is divided into circuit and closed circuit. The former is called sieving before crushing, and the latter is sieving before crushing. In actual production, open circuit or closed circuit can be carried out according to production requirements. 
3. Load: The working process of the jaw crusher is carried out in a closed loop. Adjusting the discharge port and increasing the load in the cycle will improve the shape of the stone. During the whole process, due to the increase in the cycle load, The wear of each equipment in the system increases, but when the discharge port is adjusted larger, the load of the main crushing motor can be reduced, and the finished material grains will deform better. Therefore, the adjustment of the cycle load is very important in production.
4. Feeding particle size: For jaw crushers, different types or models can process different feed sizes. If the feed size is not appropriate, the quality of the feed will not meet the standard. , So the feed size must meet the requirements of production equipment.

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