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No-load and load test requirements of cone crusher

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 The requirements for no-load test run mainly include the following aspects:
   1. The cone crusher is started and s*ped according to the start procedure, and all the interlocking systems with tubes shall meet the technical requirements.
   2. The forward or reverse direction (autobiography) of the mobile cone crusher should not exceed 15r/min.
   3. The bevel gear should not have impact and periodic noise.
  4. The lubrication system of the cone crusher works normally, the oil supply pressure should be within the range of 0.05~0.15MPa, and the oil return temperature should not exceed 50℃ (the load test should not exceed 60℃).
  5. The hydraulic adjustment device of the hydraulic equipment of the cone crusher shall be locked according to its operating procedures to adjust the size of the discharge port to meet the requirements of use.
  6. ​​The normal continuous operation time should not be less than 2h, generally until the qualification requirements are met.

Cone crusher
  There are mainly these aspects about the load test method:
   1. The cone crusher performs load inspection on the items inspected in the no-load test run.
  2. The load test time shall be normal and continuous operation for two days and nights (short-term parking inspection is allowed). Gradually increase the supply of mines, * give a small amount to a full load.
  3. The ore feed position should be installed correctly, and the ore should be evenly distributed in the crushing cavity.
  4. In the case of no over-iron, the support sleeve should not produce jumps, in the case of over-iron, it can be smoothly eliminated.
  5. During the normal crushing process, there should be no sharp vibration and abnormal noise.

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