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Lubrication and maintenance of large crushers

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 The smooth operation of any mechanical equipment and its lubrication work is very important. Zhongxin Heavy Industry provides you with various large-scale crusher equipment such as stone crushers and mine crushers. You must know that the lubrication of large-scale crusher equipment requires special attention. .

Cone crusher
Whether the lubrication of the large crusher is correct will determine the work efficiency and production efficiency. Therefore, according to the equipment model and characteristics, we must choose the matching lubricating oil or grease, and make the corresponding response according to the influence of weather conditions and seasonal changes. Change. The bearing is the key to the equipment. Lubricating oil must be refilled every 8 hours. The lubricating oil must be replaced once during one to three months. The specific time is determined according to the working conditions of the equipment; every time the lubricating oil of the bearing is replaced, it must be Clean up and clean up once to ensure that the lubricant is clean and stable.
After understanding the details of the above-mentioned knowledge, I hope to provide you with more comprehensive equipment maintenance knowledge, guarantee the improvement of the service life of large-scale crushing equipment, more comprehensive equipment maintenance knowledge, and the purchase of crusher equipment. Please visit Jiaozuo Zhongxin Heavy industry visit and purchase.

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