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Cause analysis of abnormal vibration of sand making machine

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 Anyone who knows the sand making machine knows that the rotor is the core component of the impact sand making machine, and the rotor is likely to cause the vibration of the entire equipment after vibration for some reason. Therefore, here we introduce the factors of the abnormal vibration of the sand making machine.

sand making machine
    1. The foundation is not firm or the anchor bolts are loose
    When the sand making machine has abnormal vibration, please * check whether the sand making machine is caused by foundation bolts and anchor bolts. If the foundation is not firm or the anchor bolts are loose, it will affect the stability of the machine. At this time, the bolts must be checked and tightened. In the future use process, check whether the foundation or bolts are loose as soon as possible.
    2. Too much feed or material size is too large
    If the feed volume exceeds the load of the sand making machine, the sand making machine cannot smash the materials in the crushing cavity in time, causing materials to accumulate in the crushing cavity and produce abnormal vibrations. Adjust the amount of material and maintain uniform and continuous feeding.
    If the material is too large, it will cause abnormal vibration. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the particle size of the feed material meets the requirements, and promptly remove materials with abnormal particle size.
    3. Spindle bending deformation
    When the main shaft of the sand making machine is bent and deformed, it will also cause abnormal vibration of the sand making machine. In this case, the spindle needs to be replaced or corrected in time.
    4. Wear of vulnerable parts
    For example, when the wear-resistant block of the sand making machine is worn out, the crushing process of the sand making machine will be hindered, resulting in abnormal vibration. Therefore, it should be checked in time, and repair or replacement should be carried out in time if wear is found.
    Abnormal vibration is not only a problem encountered by sand making opportunities, but also other crushing equipment, which is more common. Careful inspection is required during handling, especially abnormal vibration caused by wear or fall of internal vulnerable parts.

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