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Solution to high temperature and abnormal noise of cone crusher

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 Recently, a customer asked that the cone crusher had abnormal noise during production and the temperature of the bearing was also very high. After inspection, the problem was not known, which affected the normal operation of the cone crusher. Zhongxin Heavy Industry made the following summary based on the situation reported by customers, hoping to help users.

Cone crusher
The * is the abnormal noise in the cone crusher. If the material that cannot be crushed enters the equipment cavity, we need to clean the crushing cavity in time; if it is due to loose internal parts, we need to carefully check the tightness of the equipment screws and tighten them in time ; If it is because the internal parts of the cone crusher are broken, we must replace the damaged parts in time.
Secondly, the bearing temperature of the cone crusher is too high. This failure is generally caused by the failure of the lubricant or the damage of the bearing, such as insufficient lubricant and dirty lubricant. If it is the problem of lubricating oil, it is necessary to add oil or change the oil. If the temperature is too high before the bearing is caused by the damage of the bearing, the bearing needs to be replaced in time.
If you encounter other problems that cannot be solved during normal use, you can call us and we have professional technicians to solve difficult problems for you.

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