What to pay attention to when buying a sand washing machine

 At present, there are many sand washing machine manufacturers on the market, and the quality of the sand washing equipment produced is uneven. When the user consults the manufacturer, he cannot judge whether the sand washer products are as good as the manufacturer said. Here are some things to pay attention to when choosing a sand washer to help you choose a suitable sand washer.

sand washing machine

1. Don't just focus on price
    When purchasing a sand washer, the first thing to pay attention to is the price. The sand washer equipment produced by each manufacturer is different, and the model and specifications of the sand washer are different, and the selling price is definitely different. Large-scale sand washing machines have large processing capacity, stable operation and high production costs, so the price is more expensive than small sand washing equipment.
    When users choose a sand washing machine, they must combine their own production scale, site area, and equipment footprint, and not just focus on price. Try to choose a large and strong sand washing machine manufacturer, and invest more financial, manpower and material resources in the technical research of the sand washing machine, and the performance and efficiency of the sand washing machine will be better.
Sand Washing Machine
2. Try not to buy second-hand equipment
    When choosing a sand washing machine, try not to buy second-hand equipment. For many novice entrepreneurs who want to invest in sand and gravel production lines, buying second-hand equipment can save costs, but later use of second-hand equipment is likely to have various failures, parts are broken and need to be replaced, and they cannot enjoy the after-sales service of the original sand washing machine manufacturer. Therefore, the maintenance cost of second-hand equipment is very high, and the production schedule of the sand washing line will be affected due to equipment failure.
3. On-site inspection of sand washing plant, pay attention to after-sales service
    If you want to know the equipment quality and use effect of the sand washer manufacturer, do a good field inspection, seeing is believing, when inspecting the sand washer manufacturer, check a few more, compare the use effect and production quality on the spot, and choose the best. In addition to paying attention to the quality and production effect of the sand washer, we should also pay attention to whether the sand washer manufacturer has a good after-sales service. Good after-sales service can save a lot of money for later use.





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