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What needs to be done to reduce the failure rate of cone crushers

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 The structure of a cone crusher is very complicated. It is composed of many accessories and parts. Because the cone crusher works in harsh environments for a long time, the parts that make up the cone crusher will quickly suffer from wear and tear. Seriously, it will cause the entire cone crusher system to be paralyzed, and can only wait for professional maintenance personnel to repair, which will delay time and increase production costs. Therefore, reducing the failure rate of cone crushers has become a major concern for every cone crusher user! So how to reduce the failure rate of these cone crushers?

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 1. Prevention: It is impossible for anyone to use a machine for a lifetime, and the parts of the same machine do not need to be replaced all the time. We often emphasize that the daily maintenance and repair are not unreasonable. Effective maintenance is regular. Maintenance is actually troubleshooting, just like doctors have been recommending people to have a physical examination every year. If the disease is found to be treated as soon as possible, there is no disease but we can prevent it as soon as possible. The daily maintenance of the cone crusher is to find whether the parts are damaged or not. Has the degree of damage reached the point where it needs to be replaced, so that the user can make a correct judgment, so that the cone crusher has been replaced before the failure has started.
2. Maintenance: every part of the cone crusher plays a vital role when it is working, ranging from the crushing wall and rolling mortar wall to the bolt, nut, and gasket. Every part is designed Its significance, at the same time, due to the working nature of the cone crusher, every component must be maintained after a long period of work, especially some important parts, components that are subject to relatively large stress for a long time, if they cannot be effectively maintained , Timely lubrication, over time, the performance drops sharply, so the cone crusher is prone to failure. Timely maintenance and proper maintenance can greatly reduce the failure rate of the cone crusher, and maintenance is easier than repair to prevent failure.
3. Maintenance: the need for maintenance indicates that the cone crusher has failed. When the cone crusher fails, the maintenance will definitely s* production, and the original production plan needs to be broken. This situation is undoubtedly passive. We don't know what At that time, the cone crusher will fail, and I don’t know what kind of failure the cone crusher will have. There is a kind of attitude of soldiers coming to block and covering the earth. You must know that these are all measures taken when there is no way to control it. It is very likely that the failure occurred because we did not find out the problem in time, which caused the faulty parts to malfunction.

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