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Ways to extend the life of impact crusher accessories

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In the crushing production process, the damage caused to the impact crusher is also very different according to the different materials and usage conditions. Reasonably use different crushers to crush different materials, and choose appropriate machinery for corresponding crushing, which can avoid premature damage to accessories. The uniform selection of materials can also reduce the loss of the equipment and make the equipment use longer.

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As an impact crusher manufacturer, after careful research and practical operation of the impact crusher, we have a detailed understanding of the relatively large positions of the wear parts of the impact crusher, and at the same time, the The wear situation has also been recorded, and we have made a summary of the problems that are prone to wear during use.
1. In the process of crushing materials, the higher the hardness of the materials, the more severe the damage to our equipment during the crushing production. When we purchase equipment, the quality of the equipment is an important aspect, and it is also very important to choose suitable equipment for different materials.
2. In the material, if the moisture content of the material is too large, the surface of the equipment that is easy to adhere during the crushing, the long-term adhesion will cause the crushing force of the equipment to be reduced, the material transportation function is reduced, and the production is unbalanced.
3. During the use of the impact crusher, the uniform speed during the crushing process can better reduce equipment damage and ensure that the equipment can be used for our production for a longer time.
4. The replacement of impact crusher accessories is very important. High-quality accessories can be used for crushing production better and longer, and at the same time, it can reduce the damage of accessories.

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