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Which stones can the jaw crusher process

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 What kind of stone can a jaw crusher handle? What are its characteristics? With the development of economic construction, the pace of industrial production is also accelerating, especially in the rapid development of construction projects, the production of gravel aggregates has become a target of attention. . Crusher equipment plays different roles in different fields. The crusher is also divided into coarse crushing and fine crushing. It is one of the commonly used equipment in mining, smelting, construction materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industries.

jaw crusher

The emergence of jaw crushers has brought new vitality to the entire rock crusher market, and has been used in many industries and fields. The shape of the product is a cube, which can be selectively crushed. It is used to crush various coarse, medium and fine stones, such as limestone, basalt, granite, concrete, slag, cement block and other materials.
Jaw crusher is the equipment of crusher equipment. This type of crusher has a very early development history and has now into a very good equipment. It has simple structure, , convenient operation and long service life. It is used in mining , Water conservancy, smelting and other fields have important applications, which have ly promoted the development of China’s economy. The problem of such important equipment in the production process will directly affect the output. If the jaw crusher discharges unevenly, how to repair it?
The uneven discharge of jaw crusher is divided into five situations:
    1. Check for circuit problems. If there is a problem with the motor circuit, there will be a problem.
    2. Check whether the position of the jaw has changed. If the position of the jaw plate changes, it will cause the tooth crest to face the tooth crest. In this case, you only need to adjust the jaw.
    3. During the inspection process, it is necessary to check whether the components of the jaw crusher are worn or not, and they should be replaced immediately when they are replaced.
    4. Check whether the size of the discharge port is not suitable, and adjust the discharge by adjusting the gasket, wedge adjustment, hydraulic adjustment or adjusting the support device until it meets the requirements.
    5. Understand the knowledge of the jaw crusher, understand the materials that can be crushed by the jaw crusher and the large bearing range, and use the jaw crusher for correct operation.

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