Method of disassembling jaw crusher

 Due to long-term operation in harsh working environment, jaw crusher needs to crush high-hardness ore, cement, stone, etc., so it is extremely worn and wear-resistant parts are replaced frequently. Spare parts need to be prepared to avoid delays in production. This involves The disassembly problem of the jaw crusher.

jaw crusher
Jaw crusher replacement frequent is the thrust plate, namely the toggle plate. For crushers with integral connecting rods, the thrust plate must be removed, the baffle bolts should be unscrewed, the dry oil lubricating pipes should be cut off, the thrust plate should be hung on the crane hook or other lifting equipment, and then the horizontal tie rods can be loosened The spring at one end pulls the movable jaw to the direction of the fixed jaw and takes out the thrust plate. If you want to take out the rear thrust plate, you should pull the connecting rod, the front thrust plate and the movable jaw together, and take out the rear thrust plate.
After the thrust plate is removed, cut off the thin oil lubrication pipe and the cooling water pipe, support it with a bracket under the connecting rod, and then remove the connecting rod cover to lift the connecting rod.
The main shaft of the crusher should be removed together with the pulley and flywheel, move the motor (along with the belt) as close as possible to the crusher along the slide rail, and remove the V-belt. Then lift the shaft with a crane.
In order to disassemble the movable jaw, you must first cut off the dry oil lubricating pipe, disassemble the pull rod, remove the bearing cap, and then pull the movable jaw out with a crane or other lifting equipment.





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